Backed by Tiger Global & Ratan Tata, Upstox is a discount broker that provides free third-party premium subscriptions at the time of account opening.

Product Basket

The segments in which you can invest through this broker






Trading Platforms

Set of software & applications offered by the broker for executing buy and sell orders online. These are names of their portals and mobile apps, Full Platform Details.

Pro Web Trading Platform

Upstox Pro Mobile App



Account Opening Charges – Free

Account Maintenance Charges – ₹249

Call and Trade – ₹20

Brokerage Charges

Equity Delivery  – 2.5%

Equity Intraday – 0.05%

Equity Futures – 0.05%

Equity Options – ₹20

Currency Futures – 0.05%

Currency Options – ₹20

Commodity Futures – 0.05%

Commodity Options – ₹20


Equity Delivery  – 4x

Equity Intraday – 5x

Equity Futures – 1x

Equity Options – 1x

Currency Futures – 1x

Currency Options – 1x

Commodity Futures – 1x

Commodity Options – 1x


  • Upstox introduced morning newsletter, where everyone can read market recap and market talk for Free
  • Free equity deliver brokerage.
  • Upstox have many technical Indicators that helps to traders.
  • Upstox was funded by Ratan Tata and Tiger Global; Which built trust for subscribers.


  • Upstox provides less margin exposure.
  • In mutual funds both direct plans and regular plans are available; customers has to be careful at the time of selecting
  • Upstox charges high Demat transaction charges in basic plan.
  • If customers don’t square off than Upstox charges extra ₹20 per execution.

Additional Features

Extra features provided by the broker at little or no extra cost.

 3 in 1 Account

 Free Trading Call

 Fee Research Report

SMS Alerts

 Margin Funding

Margin Against Share

More Investment Options

Services provided by the broker for investing in other financial assets.

 Mutual Funds


 Bond and Debt Assets