Mainboard IPOs Dashboard of TradingBuzzr is a great way to analysis and tracking IPOs. It is a free, web-based platform that lets you easily navigate through all upcoming ipos. TradingBuzzr mainboard IPO dashboard can help you monitor upcoming IPOs with its comprehensive dashboard and detailed reviews. Check 2022 IPO details, IPO review & analysis, IPO allotment status, IPO subscription and grey market premiums (GMP) of IPO, IPO news, and performance of IPOs in 2022.

An IPO dashboard offers you the latest information regarding upcoming IPOs. An IPO is an Initial Public Offering, where a privately held company sells its shares to the public on a stock exchange. These companies use the money raised through an IPO to use for working capital, debt repayment, acquisitions, and other general business purposes. IPOs can either be mainboard IPOs or SME IPOs. You can click on a company name to view more detailed information about the company’s IPO. Additionally, it allows you to see the company’s current price and percentage gain over its IPO issue price.

Besides the IPO dashboard, you can get news on upcoming IPOs through Google News. The mainboard IPOs pipeline section of the financial website provides news and information on past and upcoming IPOs, including the listing price. In the 2021 lot, Adani Wilmar IPO, Mapmyindia IPO and chittorgarh ipo continued the trend with strong returns.

To track live IPO subscription details, you can use a dedicated website section such as IPO subscription status. It features market-wide statistics on subscription, the NII and QIB sections that will give you an idea of their status.. It also offers a subscription-based service that enables you to receive dedicated research reports on IPOs.

Mainboard IPOs Process

While the process is similar to that of a Mainboard IPO, there are notable differences. First, the process for a SME IPO is limited to small, privately owned SME companies. While the process for a Mainboard IPO is similar to that of an SME IPO, a SME IPO is aimed at retail investors. The goal is to allocate 50% of the shares to retail investors. The company must have a post-issue capital of Rs 1 crore to 25 crore.

Difference Between Mainboard IPOs And SME IPOs

The difference between Mainboard IPOs and SME IPOs is the type of investment that they require. SME IPOs are not designed for the same type of investors as Mainboard IPOs, and are usually intended for high-risk investors. The goal is to allocate 50% of the shares to retail investors and the rest to mainboard investors. In a healthy market, more allotment may occur. The risk associated with SME IPOs is much higher, but the potential upside is substantial for investors with a high-risk appetite.

The following Mainboard Upcoming IPO List 2022 provides detail of IPOs in the year 2022 at BSE and NSE exchanges.

Main Board IPO Calender

Issuer NameOpen DateClose DateIssue PriceListing Date
Mankind Pharma

Avalon Technologies

Udayshivkumar Infra

Divgi TorqTransfer

Global Surfaces IPO 13-03-202315-03-2023₹13313-03-2023
Ducol Organics IPO
Sah Polymers IPO
Radiant Cash IPO
23-12-202227-12-2022₹94 to ₹9904-01-2023
Elin Electronics IPO
20-12-202222-12-2022₹234 to ₹24730-12-2022
Kfintech IPO
16-12-202219-12-2022₹347 to ₹35629-12-2022
Landmark Cars IPO
12-12-202214-12-2022₹481to ₹50623-12-2022
Sula Vines IPO
12-12-202217-12-2022₹340 to ₹35722-12-2022
Abans IPO
12-12-202217-12-2022₹256 to ₹27023-12-2022
Uniparts India IPO
30-11-202202-12-2022₹548 to ₹57712-12-2022
Dharmraj Crop IPO
28-11-202230-11-2022₹216 - ₹23708-12-2022
Rustomjee IPO
14-11-202216-11-2022₹ 514 - 54124-11-2022
Inox Green IPO11-11-202215-11-2022₹ 61 - 6523-11-2022
Kaynes Technology IPO 10-11-202214-11-2022₹ 559 - 58722-11-2022
Five Star Business Finance IPO 09-11-202211-11-2022₹ 450 - 47421-11-2022
Archean Chemicals Industries IPO09-11-202211-11-2022₹ 386 - 40721-11-2022
Global Health (Medanta IPO)03-11-202207-11-2022₹ 319- 33616-11-2022
Bikaji Foods IPO03-11-202207-11-2022₹ 285 - 30016-11-2022
Fusion Micro Finance LTD IPO
02-11-202204-11-2022₹ 350 - 36815-11-2022
DCX Systems Limited IPO
31-10-202202-11-2022₹ 197 - 20711-11-2022
Tracxn Technologies IPO

10-10-202212-10-2022₹ 75 - 8020-10-2022
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Limited IPO
05-07-202207-07-2022₹ 500 - 51015-09-2022
Uma Exports Limited IPO
28-03-202230-03-2022₹ 65 - 6807-03-2022
Syrma SGS IPO12-08-202218-08-2022INR 209-22026-08-2022
Aether Industries24-05-202226-05-2022INR 610-64203-06-2022
eMudra Limited20-05-202222-05-2022INR 243-25601-06-2022
Ethos Limited18-05-202220-05-2022INR 836-87830-05-2022
Paradeep Phosphates17-05-202219-05-2022INR 39-4227-05-2022
Delhivery11-05-202213-05-2022INR 462-48724-05-2022
Venus Pipes & Tubes11-05-202213-05-2022INR 32624-05-2022
Prudent Corporate Advisory Services 10-05-202212-05-2022INR 595-63023-05-2022
LIC 04-05-202209-05-2022INR 902-94917-05-2022
Rainbow Children's Medicare27-04-202229-04-2022INR 516-54210-05-2022
Campus Activewear26-04-202228-04-2022INR 278-29209-05-2022
Hariom Pipes30-03-202205-04-2022INR 144-15313-04-2022
Verdana Learnings29-03-202231-03-2022INR 130-13711-04-2022
uma exports28-03-202230-03-2022INR 65-6807-04-2022
Ruchi Soya FPO24-3-202228-03-2022INR 615-65008-04-2022
Hindustan Aeronautics 16-3-201820-03-2018INR 1028-03-2018
Bharat Dynamics13-03-201817-03-2018INR 1023-04-2018
H.G. Infra 26-02-201828-02-2018INR 1009-04-2018
Galaxy Surfactants 29-01-201831-01-2018INR 1008-02-2018
Newgen Techno 16-01-201818-01-2018INR 1029-01-2018
Amber Enterprises 17-01-201819-01-2018INR 1030-01-2018
Apollo Micro Systems 10-01-201812-01-2018INR 1022-01-2018

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